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Highlighting the activities of spinouts, startups, and social enterprises from Oxford University Innovation.

Annual Statement 2022

A word from...

Nicola Blackwood

Chair of Oxford University Innovation

Unlocking the Oxford Innovation Ecosystem

Oxford carries with it an undeniable legacy of world-leading innovation, and accelerating that innovation is a vital national contribution. It matters for our financial and social recovery, but it is also critical if the UK is going to fully realise its potential to offer innovative solutions to global challenges.

Matt Perkins

Chief Executive Officer

Does Oxford do innovation?

In my time here at Oxford University Innovation, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is “does Oxford do innovation?” I have two answers. The short: “It absolutely does”. For those looking for a little more depth, my answer, much like innovation itself, is always changing.

Key facts and figures


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New Companies

OUI set a new record for spinout and total company formation in 2020/21, at 23 and 31, respectively. It also saw record levels of investment into spinouts, with our community securing £1.15bn.


Total income


Returns to the University